The MSHS WYSE (Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering) Team won the EIU Sectional with a perfect score of 500 points.  This talented group of students now move on to the State Competition at U of I on April 20th to make a run at a state championship (our highest place as a team was 3rd place last year). 

Individual medalists included:

Nick Morrow - 1st in Math

Sanket Patel - 2nd in Math

Ben Dahl, Isaac Bushue - 3rd in Math

Connie Bao - 1st in English

Tony Cosimini - 2nd in English

Jessica Berkman - 3rd in English

Iain Carpenter - 1st in Chemistry

Joe Churm - 2nd in Chemistry

Nick Morrow - 3rd in Chemistry

Iain Carpenter - 1st in Physics

Ben Dahl - 2nd in Physics

Jessica Berkman - 1st in Biology

Connie Bao - 2nd in Biology

Other team members include: XinYi Ren, Claire Penrose, Jarrett Brunner, Kaitlyn Chalfant, Michal Strzebonski