Monday January 23

**M-S Athletic Boosters Meeting (Library) 7:15p**

**Girls Junior Varsity and Varsity Basketball hosts
Bloomington Central Catholic (Main Gymnasium) 6:00p and 7:30p Lunch: Pizza Sticks, Diced Chicken Chef Salad, Chicken Soft Tacos, Fruits and Vegetables

Tuesday January 24
**Wrestling hosts Olympia (Main Gymnasium) 5:00p
**Girls Track and Field Indoor Time Trials (Fieldhouse) 6:00p
**Boys Junior Varsity and Varsity Basketball at Champaign Central 6:00p and 7:3p - depart 4:55pLunch: Salisbury Steak, Ham and Cheese Sub, Chicken Nachos, Fruits and Vegetables

Wednesday January 25

**Intramural Basketball (Main Gymnasium) 6:30p**
**FFA Section Public Speaking and Job Interview CDE (Monticello H.S.) 5:00pLunch: Orange Popcorn Chicken, Turkey and Cheese Sub, Beef Quesadilla, Fruits and Vegetables

Thursday January 26

**IMEA All-State Music Convention**
**Student Council Meeting (Room A-13) 7:45a****Boys Freshman Basketball @ Bloomington Central Catholic 6:00p - depart 4:10p
**Girls Junior Varsity and Varsity Basketball @ Normal West 6:00p and 7:30p - depart 4:00pLunch: Penne Alfredo Chicken, Italian Salad, Beef Nachos, Fruit and Vegetables

Friday January 27

**IMEA All-State Music Convention**

**I.H.S.A. Dance State FInals (U.S. Cellular Coliseum)**

**Boys Junior Varsity and Varsity Basketball hosts Pontiac (Main Gymnasium) 6:00p and 7:30pLunch: Corn Dog, Ham Chef Salad,
Beef and Bean Nachos, Fruits and Vegetables

Saturday January 28

**IMEA All-State Music Convention**

**I.H.S.A. Cheer Sectional (Triad High School) **I.H.S.A. Dance State FInals (U.S. Cellular Coliseum) **Boys Swim at Urbana 11:00a - depart t.b.a.
**Girls Freshman Basketball hosts Normal West (Main Gymnasium) 10:00a