Kindergarten Enrollment Opens March 2
Kindergarten Round Up!
Kindergarten Information Coming Soon!
Cindy Watson - Kindergarten Classroom Teacher
Kay Coulson - Reading Specialist
Mrs. Reese - EOP (Educational Office Personnel)
Michele Szymoniak - Library Aide
Mask Break and Snack at MPE
Mrs. Fritz - 2nd grade teacher
Mrs. Lonergan - 2nd Grade Remote Learning
Miss VanMelkebeke -Social Work Intern
Mrs. Fernandez
Janna Birge - Kindergarten Remote Teacher
Jeramie Truax - Art
Joan Stipp -  Second Grade Teacher
Kortny Cox - Whole Body Health and Wellness Teacher
Amy Snow - First Grade Teacher
Kim Johnson - Instructional Coach
Mrs. Krumwiede - Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs. Pagel - Kindergarten Teacher
Katie Walk - Interventionist
Stefani Piening - Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teacher
Mrs. Diskin - Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs. Sieben -  Speech Teacher
Mrs. McHale - Interventionist
Mrs. Benedict - 2nd Grade Teacher
Mr. Beinborn - Music Teacher
Mrs. Thompson - First Grade Teacher
Mrs. Merkle - 2nd Grade Teacher
Miss Mickey:  Pre-K Teacher
Mrs. Jones - Second Grade Teacher
Miss Nelson - First Grade Teacher
Amy Penick - Special Education Teacher
Mrs. Raver - 2nd Grade Teacher
Mrs. Myers - Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs. Haskett - First Grade Teacher
Katie Davenport - 1st Grade Teacher
Tracy Wade - Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs. White - 1st Grade Teacher
Miss Emily:  Pre-K Teacher
Mrs. Elliott - Action Based Learning
Miss Veldman - Speech Teacher
Mrs. Kaiser - 2nd Grade Teacher
Mrs. Rose
Miss Stacy:  Pre-K Teacher
Mrs. Jackson - First Grade Teacher
Mrs. Fisher - Health Office Personnel
Mrs. Benner - 2nd Grade Teacher
Mrs. Azer - Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs. Hulick - MPE Librarian
Mrs. Beecher - 1st Grade Teacher
Mrs. Douglas - Physical Education
Mrs. Henry - Interventionist
Mrs. Roloff - Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs. Roberts - Kindergarten Teacher
Dustin Day - Assistant Principal
Mrs. Hirsbrunner - Speech Teacher
Ms. Ditmars - School Social Worker
Becky Williams - 1st Grade Teacher
Mrs. Pulkrabek - Paraprofessional
Mandy Shanks - School Psych
Mrs. McGill - 2nd Grade Teacher
Hillary O'Connell - 1st Grade Teacher
Mr. Martin - Principal at MPE
2nd grade teachers as SENIORS
2nd Grade Teachers as 2nd Grade Students
We miss our Pre-K friends...
A Message from the First Grade Teachers
Non-Fiction Animals
Reading Buddies in Mrs. Turner's Class
Read Across America
Happy 100 Day at MPE
Why is Fitness Drumming Healthy
Fitness Drumming in PE
It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year...
Holiday fun at MPE
Gingerbread Literacy Night at MPE
Holiday Crafts in Mrs. Fritz's Class
Learning Fun in Kindergarten
Can you Find the Gingerbread Man?
Getting Ready for Gingerbread Literacy Night
Gingerbread Literacy Night at MPE
Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
It's Time to Give Thanks
Turkey Time at MPE
Can you Find the Missing Turkey?
Kid or Kind - Gotta love this big kind kid!
World Kindness Day
Veterans Day at MPE
Reading at MPE
PJ Day and Drop Everything and Read
Happy Halloween
Reading is Fun!
We love to READ!
5th Grade Buddies Come to MPE
Sarah Kaper - All About Pumpkins in Illinois
The Amazing Art Teacher -  Mrs. Truax
Self Portraits
Fall is in the Air at MPE
Check out the art talent at MPE
Lots of Color in the halls at MPE
Fun in ABL with Mrs. Raver
Mrs. O'Connell's Class
Kindergarten Writing
Lots of Learning in Kindergarten
Lost and Found
Mrs. Wade's Kindergarten Classroom
Mrs. Pagel's Classroom
Bridgette Thompson - 1st Grade Classroom Teacher
Kaylynn Azer - Kindergarten Classroom Teacher
Kristen Hood - 2nd Grade Classroom Teacher
Melissa Gibson - Kindergarten Classroom Teacher
Amy Snow - First Grade Teacher
Joan Stipp - 2nd Grade Classroom Teacher
Custodians at MPE
Emily Fernandez - Kindergarten Classroom Teacher
Michelle Szymoniak - Library Paraprofessional
Cindy Watson - Kindergarten Classroom Teacher
Philisha Paragi - Interventionist at MPE
Emily Buckius - PreK Teacher
Kim Johnson - Instructional Coach
Katie Walk - Kindergarten Classroom Teacher
Melinda Klaus - Pre K Teaching Assistant
Michelle Mitchell - 1st Grade Teacher
Debbie Cawley - Administrative Assistant
Julie Henry - Reading Interventionist
Anna Webb - Pre-K Aide
Kathryn Rose - Physical Therapist
Alyssa White - 1st Grade Teacher
Chris Russell - Speech Language Pathologist
Kay Coulson - Reading Specialist
Julie Myers - Kindergarten Classroom Teacher
Jana Raver - Action Based Learning
Amy Penick - Support Services Teacher
Jeannette Hulick - MPE Librarian
Gay Fritz - 2nd Grade Classroom Teacher
Tara Sieben - Speech and Language Pathologist
Karen McHale - Reading Specialist
Kortny Cox - Whole Body Health and Wellness Teacher
Jesi Haskett - 1st Grade Teacher
Cindy Krumwiede - Kindergarten Teacher
Laurie Pulkrabek - Paraprofessional
Heather Jackson - 1st Grade Teacher
Melinda Douglas - PE Teacher
Tracy Wade - Kindergarten Teacher
Julie Ditmars - Social Worker
Mickey Gilbert - Pre K Teacher
Angie Pagel - Kindergarten Teacher
Stefani Piening - Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Collette Oprondek - 1st Grade Teacher
Emily McGill - 2nd Grade Teacher
Meg Jones - 2nd Grade Teacher
Anna Nelson - 1st Grade Teacher
Jenny Diskin - Kindergarten Teacher
Rachel Roberts - Kindergarten Teacher
Tracy Ward - 1st Grade Teacher
Stacy Uebelhoer - Pre K Teacher
Angela Roloff - Kindergarten Teacher
Hillary O'Connell - 1st Grade Teacher
Becky Benedict - 2nd Grade Teacher
Julie Kaiser - 2nd Grade Classroom Teacher
Samantha Turner - 2nd Grade Teacher
Kelli Benner - 2nd grade teacher
Dustin Day - Assistant Principal at MPE
Ryan Martin - MPE Principal
Kindergarten 19-20 Student and Family Information
Kindergarten 2019-20 Information Meeting